Jack's New Toy
"Want to lick my blade?"

Jack be nimble, Jack be quick. But can he kill the Chainsaw Chick?

Hollywood starlet Robin Banks discovers a blood-thirsty clown inside a
toy jack-in-the-box. Jack morphs up to a full size clown and wastes no
time dispatching several cast members in very amusing ways. When he
tries to slice and dice his way into Robin’s heart, Ramsey Throckmorton,
a whack-job lunatic with a duct tape fixation thwarts his every effort.
It isn’t until Robin is suddenly sucked inside the jack-in-the-box that
she must face Jack alone before the body count gets any worse.

Hang on to your popcorn as 3D cult movie director Norm de Plume tosses this Grindhouse
comedy at you in eyepoppin' SplatterRama 3-D with brain-thumping ThunderRama sound.